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- Laser Treatment of Vascular Lesion / Laser Skin Rejuvenation

Laser Treatment of Vascular Lesion
Laser treatments are now a routine procedure for the removal of many types of vascular lesions, including hemangiomas, vascular malformations such as port-wine stains, telangiectasias, venous lakes and angiomas.
Laser Skin Rejuvenation
The long-pulsed Nd:YAG laser has been shown to enhance dermal collagen synthesis without damaging the epidermis in studies published in many scientific studies. An improvement was observed in wrinkles and skin laxity as well as skin texture and fine lines.

- Cosjet SR Long pulsed Nd:Yag Laser

Long-pulse Nd:YAG lasers offer the perfect solution for treating vascular lesions. Our COSJET SR is an excellent long pulsed Nd:Yag laser system with two wavelengths of 1064nm and 1320nm. This advanced Long Pulsed Nd:YAG Laser could be utilized in safe and effective treatments for skin rejuvenation with Genesis Mode, hair removal with vascular lesions with stable & strong output energy. 1320nm is also one of the best wavelength for Acne treatment.
Nd:YAG laser energy is selectively absorbed by the deeper levels of the dermis and allows for treatment of deeper vascular lesions such as telangiectasias, hemangiomas and leg veins. The laser energy is delivered using long pulses which are converted into heat in the tissue. The heat impacts the vasculature of the lesions. In addition, the Nd:YAG Laser can treat at a more superficial level; by heating the subcutaneous skin (in a non-ablative manner) it stimulates neocollagenesis which improves the appearance of facial wrinkles.

- Benefits of the Treatment

1. Spider and thread veins in the face (cheek, temporal region, nasal dorsum, forehead)
2. Some vascular birthmarks (capillary vascular malformations)
3. Varicose veins in the leg
4. Facial veins (telangiectasis)
5. Permanent Hair Removal(Coarse, Normal, Fine Hair)
6. Skin rejuvenation (Tightening & Whitening)by stimulating a fibrous cell in the skin
7. Nail, Toe Nail fungus
8. Acne Vulgaris, Scar and Redness

- Risk Factors:

Side effects from Nd:YAG laser treatments are usually minor and may include:
1. Pain during treatment (reduced by contact cooling and if necessary, topical anaesthetic)
2. Redness, swelling and itching immediately after the procedure that may last a few days after treatment
3. Rarely, skin pigment may absorb too much light energy and blistering can occur (this settles by itself)
4. Changes in skin pigmentation. Sometimes the pigment cells (melanocytes) can be damaged,
    leaving darker (hyperpigmentation) or paler (hypopigrnentation) patches of skin. Generally, cosmetic
    lasers will work better on people with lighter rather than darker skin tones
5. Bruising affects up to 10% of patients and fades with time.

- Treatment Information

Suitable for
Treatment Area
Vascular Lesions
Hair Removal
Tatoo Removal
Facial Laxity and Wrinkles

- FAQ for Cosjet SR

How many laser treatments can I expect?
A  - Vascular lesions
Treatment time depends on the form, size and location of the lesions as well as the skin type.
Small red vessels can usually be removed in only 1 to 3 sessions.
Several sessions may be necessary to remove bigger veins and spider veins.
- Hair removal
In general, patients have 2 to 6 treatments, approximately every 4 to 6 weeks.
Patients with darker skin types may require more treatments.
- Tattoo removal
The colour of the tattoo and the depth of the pigment influence the duration and the outcome of the laser treatment for tattoo removal.
Multiple sessions (5 to 20 sessions) spaced at least 7 weeks apart may be required to attain favourable results.

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