vaser liposuction
  • Minimally Invasive Body Contouring Procedure
  • VASERlipo® is a simple, minimally invasive fat removal and body contouring procedure. This mini-
  • mally invasive process is designed to be gentle on the body and highly effective, giving patients the
  • smooth contours they want with less tissue injury than traditional liposuction procedures.
vaser liposuction

How Vaserlipo Works

VASERlipo uses a minimally invasive liposuction technique that selectively breaks apart and gently removes unwanted fat. During the procedure, ultrasound energy is used to treat unwanted fat,loosening the cells from other tissues so they can be gently removed through a small tube. Results are immediately noticeable after the VASERlipo procedure and will continue to improve as the body heals. Final results are typically seen in about three to four months.

  • Advantages of VASER Liposuction
  • - Single procedure results with speedy recovery times
  • - Improved body contouring over traditional liposuction
  • - Easily removes large amounts of stored fat
  • - Smoothes skin even in delicate areas like the arms and neck
  • - Refines and accentuates appearance of muscles
  • - Less scarring, less bruising
  • - Stimulates collagen production, resulting in tighter skin for many patients.
vaser liposuction
Treatment Type Minimally invasive liposuction Compared to other liposuction procedures.
Number of Treatments Single
Treatment Time1 hour - several hours
depending on treatment area and number of treatment areas
Pain ManagementComfortable
Local or general anesthesia or sedation
Downtime12 hours of rest
2-3 weeks of avoiding strenuous activities
ResultsImmediate, transformative results with
continued improvement as the body heals
vaser lipo on various parts

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